'Dia menciptakan langit dan bumi dengan (tujuan) yang benar; Dia memasukkan malam atas siang dan memasukkan siang atas malam dan menundukkan matahari dan bulan, masing-masing berjalan menurut waktu yang ditentukan. Ingatlah! Dialah Yang Maha Mulia, Maha Pengampun' QS 39:5

'Dia menciptakan kamu dari diri yang satu (Adam) kemudian darinya Dia jadikan pasangannya dan Dia menurunkan delapan pasang hewn ternak untukmu. Dia menjadikan kamu dalam perut ibumu kejadian demi kejadian dalam tiga kegelapan. Yang (berbuat) demikian itu adalah Allah, Tuhan kamu, Tuhan yang memiliki kerajaan. Tidak ada Tuhan selain Dia, maka mengapa kamu dapat dipalingkan?' QS 39:6


Riris Nurbintari

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Hi There. Thanks for visiting our website. Well, what do you wanna know about me?

I was born at Situbondo, East Java. When i was in the second degree of elementary school, my family moved to Solok, Sumatera Barat. So, you can understand why i like spicy food so much. Hehehe. Then we moved to Surabaya, 1992. At 2003, i graduated from Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya. My major was chemical engineering.

Talk about business, it started 2002  when i help my sister to have a college in a small city. I helped to design unit cost. It was a year only for me. 2003, i build up another profit organization with my friend, Lutfi Akhmad, Yoanary Sylvianita, Karila Wisudayanti. The name was Phytagoras Global Development. I was also registered as employee at PT Yamaha Electronic Manufacturing Indonesia at PIER, Pasuruan, in the same time. I still remember that every friday night, i always drive myself, motorcycle to reach Surabaya from Pasuruan. We had meeting to prepare, organize every possibility. It was not easy to motivate all founder to keep going in same way, reach out our vision together. It takes 6 months to earn money from our fisrt project, finally, alhamdulillah. 2004, i decided to resign as employee and get focus on my own business, PT Phitagoras Global Duta 'Training & Consulting Services'. There were 3 founder left, Karila Wisudayanti, Indra Kurniadi and my self. What amazing was, we had branch at Jakarta, Lampung, Palembang (Thanks to Agam and Eka). Surabaya was still head ofiice.

2005, i tried new opportunity. I was back as employee at PT Aneka Rupa Tera, SIER, Surabaya. I was Logistic (Purchasing) Manager. Unfortunately, at 2006, i married and resigned to follow my husband at Cikarang, Bekasi. It was a new life, new day.

Move to Bekasi, i decided to release my company's share to another owner. I have focused on my social organization, Program "Anak Bangsa Indonesia" Non Profit Organization to Help Poor Children on Education and Leadership. Still active in community of Badan Koordinasi Kegiatan Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia Indonesia (BKKMTKI), now, our pioneering efforts in the field of agribusiness. At 2007, Riris and friends from ITS, founded, Keperasi Jasa Keuangan Syariah 'BMT MBA ITS.' Riris as the first treasurer of this organization

Too serious with those writing above? hehehe, well i like traveling, music, watching movie. Do you wanna joint with me?