'Allah Menyatakan bahwa tidak ada tuhan selain Dia; (demikian pula) para malaikat dan orang berilmu yang menegakkan keadilan, tidak ada Tuhan selain Dia, Yang Maha Perkasa, Maha Bijaksana.' QS 3:18

'Sesungguhnya agama di sisi Allah ialah islam. Tidaklah berselisih orang-orang yang telah diberi Kitab kecuali setelah mereka memperoleh ilmu, karena kedengkian di antara mereka. Barangsiapa ingkar terhadap ayat-ayat Allah, maka sungguh, Allah sangat cepat perhitungan-Nya.' QS 3:19



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Some people who meets me always see the spirit on me. That's why i can transfer energy to some people.

As human, sometimes. Feel guilty, almost give up, deeply sad, etc. But thanks to Allah SWT, both of us (husband-wife) have same vision for future. Well communicate, always supporting to one another makes us stronger.

Sometimes we lose money in business, but we take it as a risk that must be accepted. If think do the best we can to build a business, praying a lot, and still failed....must be ikhlas. what else? It's destiny.

Life is not about money only, think we are still productive to earn money, so it's time to learn, time to try, so after years, hope we'll get passive income finally. Success is not easy my friend. Need hard works, passion, praying, and sometimes it takes time a lot. So what are you afraid about? No one who success never meet failure, but people who success are people who can survive from this failure. So, tell me, where are you now?